Football 3×3

If you love fantasy football and want to play casual games with friends, you’ll love the Football 3X3 point pool. In this game, you and your friends pick a different NFL team each week, and the goal is to get your team to score 33 points. The players can also set a different target score, or you can go with the closest. Regardless of your choice, you’ll have a great time with this fun game.

While college and military teams are stuffed full of dumb jocks, their coaches can’t help but be impressed with their teams’ play. They’re mediocre at everything except running the ball and getting hit. But in Football 33, they’re so good at running the ball, they can play like they’re on the pros! Unlike those defenses, they’re not as good at throwing the ball. As a result, this team isn’t a great option if you’re looking to win a game.

The Michigan Wolverines fumbled early in the fourth quarter, but recovered with an inexplicable bounce. Their inexperienced offensive line bailed them out and the Spartans recovered the fumble. The Michigan offense is inconsistent, and a quarterback-running back exchange is tough to handle. The team’s offense can sputter along the way and break at the worst time. The U-M team should be a lot better than this!